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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 08:39

Cameroon achievements - December 2016 - June 2017

Cameroon: Operational level mutual partnerships between farmer cooperatives, independent decentralized clean energy power producers, local councils and academia is resulting in the development of 10 pilot sites into integrated EBA-driven agriculture clean energy powered agro-industrial zone with efficient ICT enabled linkages to markets and supply chains. The aim is to enhance food security, offset carbon, protect ecosystems while creating income & job opportunities.   

For example in Jakiri area, small hydropower is being used for cassava and Irish potatoes processing, while in Ngoulemakong, women are using solar energy to process cassava into flower and gari. They are planning to open a bakery using combination of local and imported flowers.

On ICT, Android apps are being developed targeting producers in Kumbo, Batibo, Koutaba, Foumbot, Dschang and Bafia to sell their products to whole sell markers in Douala and Yaounde and have direct access to inputs shops. Already, a test version is already being used to link rice cooperatives in Baigom to wholesalers in Yaounde. This will also be a source for new jobs creation for youths.

As a result of the above ongoing actions;

  • -Over 500 women have received training to reduce their post-harvest losses in Cassava, corn, Irish potatoes and Sorghum in the 10 pilot areas. This included also training on clean energy solutions, to reduce health problem of children and women in rural area due to indoor pollution. Women also showed big interest in the apps for marketing and clean technology access, and this will probably be very useful for the up-scaling.
  • - EBAFOSA Cameroon is working with 10 youth organizations engaged in EBA agriculture to link them with clean energy to power value addition of their produce and linking them with the ICT apps to improve their access to markets. Cumulatively, this will enhance their incomes and further incentivize continued use of EBA.
  • -EBAFOSA Cameroon has also linked with the ongoing “Youth first” campaign project aimed at increasing youth participation in SDGs implication. Through its ongoing pilots, EBAFOSA Cameroon has trained youth from University of Yaoundé I and other secondary schools on renewables such as solar, on ICT apps for market & supply chain linkages, on climate leadership and on sustainable water management.
  • - 5 producer cooperatives/networks having gained knowledge on the EBAFOSA paradigm are now working on their plan of action to develop projects in sustainable Agriculture and SMART Agro-industry.

  • - Ministry of Telecommunication working with EBAFOSA Cameroon to enhance Green ITC Development as the priority strategy to facilitate agro-market exchanges between producers, consumers, decision makers, whole sellers and others value chains stakeholders. The Cameroon Inter-agency policy task force to spearhead an appropriate policy once established.
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