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Saturday, 01 April 2017 11:32

Mozambique EBAFOSA Progress

On March 30th , 2017  EBAFOSA Mozambique convened  all their policy focal points from the Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Energy & Water, Lands, transport at the secretariat which sits at the planning ministry. The secretariat liaison is the permanent secretary in the ministry of planning, hence planning ministry was also represented. 

At this meeting, to expedite establishment of the clean energy powered EBA agro-industrial zones by building on existing / established progress, it was agreed that focus be on optimizing cassava value chains by linking onfarm EBA production of cassava to clean energy value addition and other supply chains. To actualize this, these policy makers will harmonize all their policies to ensure they complement this shared objective. 

At this meeting, it was also agreed, through cross-hybridizing innovative approaches, that some members of EBAFOSA Cote d'Ivoire working on the Ateke value chain, will share lessons and innovative approaches on clean energy processing of cassava with EBAFOSA Mozambique. 


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