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Sunday, 16 April 2017 11:25

Cameroon EBAFOSA Progress

On April 7th, 2017 EBAFOSA Cameroon convened all the bureau members and country focal points from all over the country to take stock of how they are implementing the EBAFOSA Cameroon Action Plan. 

The discussions centered around presentations by each of the bureau member on the elements of the action plans which dovetailed to actualizing the Cameroon Vision 2035 and the Climate Change Nationally Determined Contributions where Cameroon have prioritized Clean energy and agriculture as well as transport, Forestry and waste to energy

At this meeting, to expedite establishment of the clean energy powered EBA agro-industrial zones by building on existing / established progress, the country presented the progress they have made with focus on optimizing cassava value chains by linking on-farm EBA production of cassava to clean energy value addition and other supply chains across all the Cameroon 10 provinces. To actualize this, Cameroon EBAFOSA inter-ministerial task force will harmonize all their policies to ensure they complement this shared objective. 

There was an EBAFOSA Cameroon  press conference to fully understand how harnessing inclusivity under climate change can be achieved to advance the EBAFOSA objective through Innovative Volunteerism. This was helpful to clarify how EBAFOSA is leveraging on this paradigm and how this is the needed impetus to achieve climate action and implement the SDGs  for the collective benefit of  all.



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